Why is Personalized Learning Important to Crack Competitive Exams?

In a typical classroom setup in a school or college, you will come across different types of students. Some of them finish an activity or assignment quickly, while some do it slowly. The fact remains that each student is different. No student can learn in the same way or at the same speed. Hence, there is a need to provide a learning journey to students depending on their interests and requirements. This is where personalized learning comes into the picture.

What is personalized learning?

  • Personalized learning is a learning and teaching style that is centered around every student"s needs and abilities.

  • It involves creating a learning environment and curriculum tailor-made for a particular student.

  • When the personalized learning program is implemented, it may appear to be different for each student, considering the speed and methodology. However, the end goal and academic standards for learning important concepts remain the same.

  • The aim of personalized learning is to empower the learners to achieve mastery in a particular subject or topic by the end of the term or school.

  • Before personalized learning starts, it is important to take into account the strengths, weaknesses, and interests of the students.

  • The one-size-fits-all approach does not work in personalized learning.

  • In a personalized learning environment, the teacher guides each student in their own individual learning journeys.

  • Even though the pace at which students learn will be different, every student will be on track and on the same page as the others at the end of the academic year.

  • Generally speaking, learning is a non-linear process.

  • With personalized learning, every student gets the right kind of education that he/she is looking out for.

  • Students learn at their own pace and according to their interests, which matters the most.

Personalized leaning and competitive examinations

  • The demand for various competitive examinations has increased.

  • Learners" right from a young age are looking to crack competitive exams. However, competitive exams are really competitive and challenging.

  • Competitive exams are quite different from the school, college, or university examinations.

  • Majority of the questions in competitive exams are indirect and application-based.

  • Some questions may also be a combination of two or more concepts.

  • Also, the paper consists of mostly objective questions in the form of multiple choices, where the student gets four options and he/she has to select the right one.

  • To crack competitive exams is not a walk in the park for any student.

  • The questions are complex and brain teasers, and really tests the logic, aptitude, and logical reasoning ability of students.

  • It also promotes a competitive spirit among the students.

Why is personalized learning important to crack competitive exams?

Conceptual clarity

  • The key to achieving good scores in competitive exams is to have conceptual clarity.

  • Getting the concepts clear for a particular topic or subject is vital to crack a competitive exam.

  • With personalized learning, students get complete conceptual clarity about a particular concept in science, math, or any other subject.

  • In traditional learning, most students prefer to rote learn difficult concepts because they fail to understand it.

  • However, rote learning a particular topic or concept without actually understanding it is not going to be helpful for competitive exams.

Demonstrating the learning

  • In personalized learning, students make key decisions regarding their learning experience, and apply the knowledge to demonstrate their learning.

  • Demonstrating the learning is essential for students to reflect on what they have learned as a part of the curriculum and how it can be applied in the real-world.

Inquiry-based learning approach

  • The inquiry-based learning approach is a key aspect of personalized learning.

  • Instead of directly telling the students what they actually need to know, the personalized learning approach generates curiosity in the minds of learners.

  • Inquiry-based learning approach also allows students to ask a lot of questions to the instructor to get complete in-depth information about a particular concept.

Ongoing application-based assessments

  • In case of traditional learning, knowledge-based assessments are done through regular tests. These include objective and subjective questions.

  • In personalized learning, there are ongoing, diverse assessments that help guide students towards their goals.

  • Just like personalized learning, competitive exams need assessment on a regular basis.

Useful tips and tricks to crack competitive exams

One of the main questions in the minds of most students is how to crack any competitive exam. Here are some useful tips and tricks to crack competitive exams.

  • Understand the format and pattern of the competitive examination.

  • Prepare a timetable which you can follow without putting any stress on yourself.

  • Study the core concepts first.

  • Go for mock tests and try completing them within the given time.

  • Focus on conceptual clarity rather than memorization.

  • Take regular breaks while studying.


Personalized learning lays the foundation for students to crack competitive exams and makes them ready for the future.