Interactive Music Experience

Interactive Music Experience: A One-Of-A-Kind Museum of Music Bangalore 

Covering a vast area of 50,000 square feet across three floors, the Indian Music Experience (IME) stands as India"s museum of music Bangalore that is interactive. India"s profound artistic and cultural diversity reflects its deep-rooted love and respect for the arts. The rich culture and heritage of India, with its timeless history, dates back to ancient times. With nearly a decade of dedicated research and development, IME was meticulously crafted with a visionary goal: to introduce the younger generation to the multifaceted history of Indian music and to safeguard the nation"s musical legacy. The Museum offers a one-of-a-kind immersive Indian musical experience.

Spanning nine captivating exhibit galleries, Indian Music Experience vividly displays a diverse spectrum of musical styles, encompassing traditional, folk, pop, bollywood, and contemporary genres. These galleries have been meticulously and artistically designed, inviting visitors to delve into the narratives behind various songs and musical forms, all facilitated by state-of-the-art computerized audio-visual touch screens. The museum"s serene ambiance is further enhanced by an array of musical instruments and priceless artifacts on display.

The nine galleries at the Indian Music Experience Museum

The Indian Music Experience comprises nine distinct galleries, each thoughtfully designed to provide a unique perspective on music. Notably, no information on music is repeated across these galleries.

  • Contemporary Expressions gallery

  • Living traditions gallery

  • Devotional music gallery

  • Songs of the people gallery

  • The instruments gallery

  • Songs of struggle gallery

  • Melting pot gallery

  • Hall of fame gallery

The Sound Garden

  • On entering the Indian Music Experience museum, the first encounter will be with "The Sound Garden," an intriguing collection of instruments crafted from stone and metal, including the most colossal xylophones that you could ever see. 

  • Each of these unique instruments comes with clear instructions on how to play them.

  • Imagine bringing along a group of friends and indulging in a spontaneous jam session, where you can blend the enchanting sounds of chimes, bells, and their delightful echoes. 

  • Visitors should not miss the opportunity to explore the musical wonders found along the garden"s railings, where they can come across more captivating instruments.

The Introduction Theater 

  • This is the initial destination within the museum. 

  • For those visiting with a child, they can prepare to witness amazement. 

  • The musical odyssey at Indian Music Experience commences with a brief presentation highlighting the ubiquity of music in our daily existence. 

  • This immersive theater experience promises to captivate and delight visitors of all ages.

The Contemporary Expressions gallery

  • In the "Contemporary Expressions" gallery, visitors can step back into the early days of independent Indian rock music. 

  • They can explore a Bengaluru street setting with two eye-catching, fluorescent-painted vehicles at the entrance. 

  • These vehicles offer a unique viewing experience, allowing visitors to watch videos of renowned Indian music bands. 

  • As one proceeds, they will also encounter posters depicting Bengaluru streets like Commercial Street and Brigade Road, which are popular hangouts for the city"s youth on weekends.

The Hall of Fame 

  • The "Stars Gallery" or "Hall of Fame" at the Indian Music Experience Museum showcases 100 iconic figures from diverse genres of Indian music. 

  • This gallery proudly displays priceless memorabilia once owned by Bharat Ratna musicians, including Ustad Bismillah Khan"s shehnai, M.S. Subbulakshmi"s tambura, and Bhimsen Joshi"s concert attire.

  • Inside the recording studio, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique experience. 

  • They can choose a background track, record their own vocals, select an album cover, and then conveniently email themselves the final track. 

  • This is an experience that no true music enthusiast should miss out on.

The Learning Center at The Indian Music Experience Museum 

  • The Indian Music Experience is not just a museum; it"s a dynamic hub for musical education and engagement. 

  • Within its premises, there is a dedicated music school, a resource center, and an inviting space designed to captivate both young and older visitors through educational workshops.

  • This comprehensive music school offers instruction in various musical disciplines, including Carnatic and Hindustani vocal and dance. 

  • Additionally, it provides training in playing musical instruments such as the veena, mridangam, keyboard, and guitar. 

  • The center is a bustling hub of musical activity throughout the week, hosting a wide array of music workshops conducted by renowned artists from around the world. 

  • An annual event allows students to showcase their talents in front of an appreciative audience.

  • The immersive Indian musical experience within the museum is designed to envelop visitors in melodic and rhythmic sensations. 

  • Visual and auditory displays, including vibrating floors and music emanating from instruments, enhance the sense of immersion. 

  • The journey is complemented by a display of album sleeves, posters, and other musical memorabilia. 

  • Visitors even have the opportunity to create their own personalized musical program using an individual headphone system.

  • The gift shop offers an array of IME merchandise, including posters, postcards, T-shirts, keychains, and more. 

  • For those seeking a quiet moment, there"s a WiFi-enabled workspace and a cozy cafe where you can savor coffee and grab a quick bite.

Situated to the south of Bengaluru city in the vibrant neighborhood of JP Nagar, the Indian Music Experience museum is widely regarded as India"s pioneering interactive music museum. IME stands as a non-profit endeavor, generously supported by the Brigade Group. At the core of IME"s mission is a visionary goal: to acquaint the younger generation with the myriad facets of Indian music and to safeguard the nation"s opulent musical heritage. The Indian Music Experience Museum reflects the rich history of music in India.