Trending AI Technologies of 2022

Trending AI Technologies of 2022

An idea for the advanced domain of computers that would surpass human intelligence and reduce human interference was conceived in 1955 referred to as Artificial Intelligence. Today, AI has blossomed into various domains and sectors, making daily operations more effective and easier in every sector. 

The applications of artificial intelligence have rapidly gained momentum and it has become a part of our daily lives. Simply put, AI is everywhere! 

And we"re just at the beginning stage of Artificial Intelligence. Several startups and AI companies have sprung up in the recent decade that has made remarkable upgrades and inventions in the field of AI. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, etc. have upgraded their products which provide some unique services through Artificial Intelligence. 

We have listed down some of the top AI technologies that are being used frequently and are gaining traction in 2022. 

Speech Recognition:

Speech Recognition is one of the popular modes of AI that is popular among smartphone users all over. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. are some of the popular speech recognition techs which have made AI user-friendly and popular. 

Decision Management:

Decision-making is one of the crucial elements of any management. Corporates and organisations are employing this format of AI to carry out automated decisions to incur profitability and ease of doing business. The AI systems provide logically informed decisions which aid the companies to maintain their daily functions.  

Content Creation:

Content creation and content creators have been on the rise in recent years. Although all of us consume content through movies, series, ads, blogs, etc., new forms of content on social media such as carousel posts, reels, short videos, infographics, and many more have been produced daily. Many digital marketing companies use AI to generate content based on the topics and scenarios trending in the present times. 

Emotion Recognition:

This type of AI tech is used by law enforcement for interrogating convicts in their day-to-day trials. This AI helps in reading and interpreting emotions and human behaviour by utilising image processing and audio data processing. 

 Marketing Automation: 

Sales and marketing teams utilise AI for the movement and automation of their products and services. Features like Customer Data Integration, Lead Segregation, Automated Client Segmentation and AI campaign management are utilised for carrying out functions without hassle. 

Smart Devices:

AI has entered into our daily gadgets such as phones, surveillance cameras, watches, etc. which are now widely used by many. Smartphones, smart watches, smart cameras, etc. all gadgets have gained high-performance factors when upgraded with AI. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Cutting-edge technology that allows you to see the world differently. AR technology utilises the user"s environment information and modifies it based on the subject/situation. The world of gaming has started incorporating AR to enhance the gaming experience 

Image Recognition: 

This AI is utilised to assess the identity of an individual by scanning facial features. This is one of the commonly used technologies that help in scanning mugshots of criminals and also is utilised for assessing the emotion or diagnosis of illness. 


AI integrated biometrics help in human body identification. Fingerprints, retinal scans, etc. are some of the commonly used AI-based biometrics which is employed in various scenarios. Fingerprint sensor in our mobile phones is one common example of biometrics which is employed in our daily lives. 


The computer software imitates a conversation with a user in natural language. To improve customer experience, chatbots automate customer interaction based on the queries posted by the user. Many corporates and organisations employ this form of AI in their websites which not only helps in customer interaction but also garners data for improved services. 

Virtual Agents 

The use of virtual agents has seen a significant rise in the recent decade. This AI application is similar to chatbots that are used as customer care representatives to interact with people and respond to their concerns. The virtual agent or virtual assistant performs on similar grounds by taking cues from the user"s preferences and choices. 

The applications of artificial intelligence have grown rapidly in every sector and even we rely on it for our daily functions. From calling a friend to planning our schedule or even setting up an alarm, the use of AI has surely seen several upgrades since its inception. In the immediate future, we can expect many more advancements in the field of AI.