Strategies for Tackling Homework

Homework: Strategies to tackle and finish on time. 

In our day-to-day school activities, there are several things to accomplish. There are assignments, projects, studies, anything you name it, the list goes on. One of the things that all of us dread doing is homework. Most of the time, we unwillingly attend to the task. 

Some of the reasons why we are not interested in doing our homework are due to poor time management, unfavourable surroundings, lack of goals, lack of clarity in the assignment, etc. It"s not the volume of the work but the lack of a plan to execute the same. 

Here are some effective methods and strategies for homework which will help you breeze through your assignment and save time. 

Set Time-Table:

Whenever we take up a task, we assign a time frame for it. Similarly, to complete homework we must devote a certain amount of time during the day. Check the volume of work that needs to be finished and allocate the required time. Prioritise the assignments that need your immediate attention and start with them first.     

Organise your study area:

It is advisable to organise and keep your study area clean. Keep the necessary equipment such as calculators, research materials, notebooks, instruments, etc. ready based on the assignment you are taking up. This way, your focus on the subject is not compromised and you save a lot of time. If everything is set in place, then you are off to a great start with your homework. Ensure that there are no slacks such as loose wires, dust, waste papers, etc. around your study table as they might hamper your focus. 

Understand the assignment:

Homework can be difficult unless you make things easy for yourself. Before we start our work, we must fully understand what the assignment is about. Understand its scope, implications, nature of the assignment, etc. This way, we can set the pace for our work and commence as needed. 

Prioritise your assignment:

Sometimes, we get multiple assignments and we can"t wrap our heads around which ones to attend first. The simplest method we can follow is to map our homework based on its importance and urgency. If it is urgent and the deadline is closing soon, then it is best to attend to that assignment first. However, before things get urgent, it is advisable to start the assignment beforehand to avoid mistakes in the homework. Remember this, we get good grades only if the homework is done well, not for mere completion. 

Seek help and references:

It is pretty common to face roadblocks when you are doing an assignment. You may have several doubts about various concepts, formulas, theories, etc. Instead of doing ambiguous work, it"s best to research well and have the best set of references that help us complete the assignment. In such instances, it is best to take help from your tutor, project partner, mentor, etc. who will help you in clearing your doubts and provide you with the set reference materials to support your work. 

Eliminate all distractions:

This is a crucial factor. When you are about to do an assignment, your surroundings will have certain elements that will distract you from doing your work. It is advised that you eliminate these distractions so that you can attend to the assignments with ease. Presently, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are the biggest distractions, putting them away for some time will help you focus on your assignment. 

Set Rewards/Breaks:

While setting a plan and working towards completing your assignment is all well appreciated, it is only fair that you set a sort of reward for yourself which can get you motivated. The reward could be anything, it could be getting your favourite snack or taking a break for a stipulated time. However, the break or reward you give yourself should be rejuvenating. For example, if you are taking a break, it should be a healthy one, say going for a walk, reading a book, or playing an instrument. These days, most of us spend countless hours scrolling through social media which cannot be considered a healthy break. 

To effectively complete a task, it is essential to have a homework plan. As long as you can implement the strategies for homework mentioned above, you will be able to complete your task in the stipulated time frame.