Skills To Prepare Students for Future Jobs

Future Skill Set for Future Jobs

Knowing a subject is one thing but putting that knowledge to use is where it matters the most. Knowledge in action can be termed as a skill and over the years, the job market has changed and recruiters prefer skilled candidates over those who possess passive knowledge of the subject. And with time, the requirement of skills changes based on the changing market, economy and various factors. 

Skills and skill development are crucial. It allows an individual to help discover their talent and potential which will not only help them in deciding their career path but also help them thrive in their respective fields.

Based on research executed by the University of Stanford, the study suggests that for being successful there is a given ratio of domain knowledge and soft skills. Domain knowledge constitutes up to 13% while the need for soft skills adds up to 87%. Goes to show how essential skills and skill development among children are. 

Here are some of the in-demand skills of the 21st century that every child must know to have a thriving career in the future. 

Artificial Intelligence:

This is touted as the skill of the 21st century as many applications and sectors are incorporating AI and Machine Learning into their daily operations for effective and smoother productivity. Many education institutes and online education portals have introduced syllabus and curricula that encourage training and guidance in Artificial Intelligence. 


Coding is another popular skill. With the surge of the IT industry, many skilled coders are in demand. To build apps, websites and the likes, coding is essential. The children of the present generation or popularly termed as Gen Z, are showing immense interest in IT-related subjects which is resulting in demand for courses and syllabi in coding. 

Data Analytics:

The word Data has been thrown around a lot in the recent decade and has become a key necessity for many businesses. A great amount of data is generated daily and needs exemplary skills to process, which makes data analytics a high-paying skill and makes a lucrative career choice. 


Taking a step back from Information and Technology, storytelling is another skill which is widely recognised and appreciated. 


There are various branches to this skill. Journalism, Copywriting, Content Writing, Script Writing and many more. Being able to captivate the attention of the crowd is one of the most in-demand skills of recent times. 

Video Production:

Videography and Video production have seen a significant rise in the last few decades. With the rise of video-based social media platforms such as Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, TikTok, etc., the need for video editing skills has become imminent. Corporates, Startups, and Social Media Influencers are learning videography and video editing to captivate the attention of their audience to get desired results ranging from gaining followers, selling services, generating leads, etc. 

Visual Design: 

Corporations lookout for graphic designers who can design their websites and other visual nuances that resonate with their brand image. For example, Axis Bank has a distinct logo with a Burgundy colour code, which you can see on its website and also on various branches across the country so every time you see a burgundy colour, it"s associated with the brand. 

Design Thinking:

Brand logos are an essential part of the identity of many organisations. Design Thinking helps the company to have a visual identity that speaks about the brand value and helps the audience identify the brand easily. Skilled graphic designers who can symbolise a brand or a company through a logo are highly sought after. 

Content Management:

Content is ruling every sphere of various sectors. From a company"s website to its social media handle, content helps the company attract and retain its customers. From pushing a marketing copy to a webpage describing the product, everything is content. To manage this broad array of content, there is a demand for copywriters, content writers, and content marketers who can handle the company"s digital marketing operations. 

With the changing times, new skills must be taught in the curriculum based on the type of industries, companies, business models that are springing up. Less than a decade ago, skills related to artificial intelligence have become accessible to the masses as the future is gearing up for technology based on AI and this is just one example.