Modern learning

Evolution of Learning: Modern Learning

Learning is a continuous process that keeps us engaged and skilled. It is said that one of the best ways to remain young is to keep learning. Over the years, learning has taken varied forms and has gone through a series of changes over the years depending on the various subjects an individual wants to learn. 

Traditionally, we have been told that learning happens in a classroom but today, the traditional form of learning has taken a backseat and many holistic approaches are formed and have proven to be more effective and impactful. With the advancement in technologies, there is no dearth of information, therefore, modern learning has become quite common among people of all ages. 

So what is Modern Learning? As compared to traditional learning, when you access information and try to learn something on your own through the internet, it can be loosely translated as modern learning. For example, suppose there"s a leaky faucet in your kitchen which needs fixing. Normally, we would call a plumber or skilled person to fix the problem but instead, we search for a DIY solution on the internet and get it fixed. We can categorize this as experiential learning, which is a form of modern learning. 

While traditional learning is still effective, modern learning allows the user to be exposed to various modes of understanding a lesson effectively through work, practical examples and even experiments. Several modes of modern learning can be followed by anyone who wishes to upskill their craft. 

Experiential Learning:

As compared to textbook learning, experiential learning is where one gets to learn something through observation or practice. This is one of the proven methods for effective learning where students can understand better and learn faster. Traditional learning only touches upon the theoretical aspect of learning, therefore switching to experiential learning is advised. 

Self-directed learning

Modern learning is often self-directed. Ideally, we depend on a teacher or a mentor to learn something, but with instructional videos and guides available online, modern learning is often self-directed and self-initiated. From youtube to Coursera, there are several websites that enable you to do things on your own through the DIY videos.  

Augmented and Virtual Reality:

With the rise in technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality has gained immense popularity in recent years. With VR, the user can experience actual surroundings combined with animation and graphics with which he can interact. Learners can interact with lifelike scenarios which will include real-world-roadblocks, should something go wrong, they can start over again with ease. 

Learning Culture:

While learning across ages is appreciated and encouraged, it"s the learning culture that needs to be implemented. When you create an environment conducive to learning, it"s only natural that individuals be motivated to learn and excel at the craft they choose. Also, learning should be goal-oriented only then will it be effective. 

Inquiry Learning:

Learning is driven by curiosity. When curiosity dawns, the learning experience is even more enriching. Through modern learning, one can gauge how much they can put their skills to use and bring a change to a particular scenario. Every learner has an inner drive to create some change and therefore gets motivated to learn. If the learning yields results, then the motivation increases by manifolds. 

Social Learning:

This form of learning is derived from the traditional form but can be counted as modern learning because, in this scenario, learners get to learn from each other. By observing each other"s behavior, social learning is the link between behavioral and cognitive learning where role-playing and peer coaching are involved. 

As stated in the beginning of the article, learning is a continuous or rather an evolutionary process. Over the years, various methods of learning have been molded to suit the time and environment. As time goes by, with many inventions and advancements in store, we can expect various futuristic methods of learning.