Best Educational Tools for Research

Writing a research paper is never easy. As students, we often go through a ton of challenges to put together a research paper and have it submitted without any hassle or rejections. However, one of the biggest challenges which we all face is the source"s reliability.

There are a plethora of web resources, links, and portals which can give you information about the relevant topics. However, there are chances that these sites may not be official or maybe just an opinion that is not backed by facts. Hence, it is non-negotiable that the source of the research article is authentic. 

Here are some of the tools for educational research that will provide some authentic web resources for your upcoming projects. 

Google Scholar:

Google Scholar provides you access to research materials and sources across various topics and disciplines. You will get access to various articles, opinions, thesis, and a lot more from various publishers, universities, professional societies, and repositories. You can filter out your search results and find your research materials which are relevant to the date, citations, and publications.


Another portal to get your reference materials and articles for your research. Pocket provides referrals and citations from trustworthy sources. One of the features that sets Pocket apart from portals is the "save" button which helps you save the articles for your reference and based on your search it will also suggest other articles which will be relevant for your research. 

Lazy Scholar 

A personal project by a post-doctoral graduate from Indiana University but does the job. Lazy Scholar proves quick links, citations, and links to some of the most sought-after scholarly texts. 


Going through the sources and articles can be time-consuming but Listory has something that would save your time in finding the relevant materials. Listory summarizes lengthy articles into 3-minute audio that highlights the important parts of the articles helping you decide the relevance of the material to your academic research. 

Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote is one of the professional portals for educational research. This portal summarizes research articles, provides screenshots of the references, and even shares notes by editors for the relevant topic. 


Meant specifically for the educational research AERA provides all the research material for relevant studies and even covers recent topics as well. This is one of the reputed portals used by scholars from the United States. 

The above-mentioned portals are some of the widely used research tools which many scholars and research writers swear by. There is an estimate of millions of documents that are available which are provided by thousands of publications and universities. These portals are known for the authenticity of the articles and publications done assuring the reliability for the oncoming researchers. 

Granted that there are many channels that can provide the relevant material you are looking for. However, when it comes to writing research papers and publishing, authenticity and verified facts take the first and the highest priority. So go on ahead and give these above-mentioned portals a try. Your research papers backed with authentic material and verified will have more weightage.