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Is Game-based Learning (GBL) the Futuristic Way of Learning?

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Edtech Trends Dominating Online Education

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This is how the internet culture has changed education!

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Blended Learning: The Way Forward

  In the eLearning industry, Blended Learning is considered to be an evolution of learning methodology, as it combines two distinct modes of learning: the face-to-face trainin […]

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Big Push to make our Education Digital Ready

There is no better time than now to experiment with the education system and opt for remote learning models. Are they in reality? Of Course, there is no iota of doubt and it has been rightly realized due to the ubiqui […]

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5 ways schools can help boost immune system in students

The world is becoming a concrete jungle with the greenery being rapidly replaced by so many buildings and parking lots. This is true, especially for the metropolitan cities in India. With the rate at […]

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GRAMMAR OF ART Why is Art important?