Tips for Parents for School Admission Interview

A Guide to School Admission Interviews: Navigating Your Path to Success

School admission interviews can be a daunting prospect for Indian parents. After all, you want to make sure that your child makes a good impression and stands out from the crowd. But don"t worry, with a little preparation, you can help your child ace their interview and increase their chances of getting into their dream school.

The school admission interview is a crucial step in the process of securing a spot at your desired educational institution. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you ace your school admission interview and increase your chances of being accepted.

Here are some tips for Indian parents on how to make school admission interviews a success:

1. Research about the school

The first step is to do your research about the schools you aim for the admission in. Create a list and shortlist them based on the preferences, modules, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and mission statement. This will help you answer questions that the interviewer may ask about why your child is interested in attending the school.

2. Help your child prepare

Once you have done your research, it is important to help your child prepare for the interview. This includes practising answering common interview questions, such as "Tell me about yourself" and "Why do you want to attend this school?" You can also help your child practise their public speaking skills by giving them opportunities to speak in front of you or other family members.

3. Appropriate attire 

First impressions are important, so it is important to dress appropriately for the interview. This means dressing in neat, clean, and professional attire. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or revealing.

4. Punctuality is key

Punctuality is important, so make sure that your child is on time for the interview. Arriving late will make a bad impression and could hurt your child"s chances of getting into the school. Ensure you arrive at the place or venue 15 minutes before the interview.

5. Maintain a respectful demeanour: 

It is important to be polite and respectful to the interviewer. This means making eye contact, using good manners, and being attentive. Avoid fidgeting or interrupting the interviewer. Before attending the interview, calm yourself with a few deep breaths which will help you overcome the restlessness.

6. Be yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself. The interviewer wants to get to know your child, so don"t try to be someone you"re not. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through. The more confident you are, the better impact you make on the interviewer or the faculty. 

While the above pointers are basic and will help you get started, here are some additional tips that will help you standout: 

  • Practice answering questions about your child"s strengths and weaknesses. The interviewer will likely ask questions about your child"s strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared to answer these questions honestly and in a way that highlights your child"s positive qualities.

  • Have your child bring a portfolio of their work. This could include artwork, writing samples, or other projects that demonstrate your child"s talents and abilities. While this may not be mandatory in some places, it pays to be prepared. 

  • Ask questions of your own. At the end of the interview, you will likely have the opportunity to ask questions of the interviewer. This is a good time to learn more about the school and to get a sense of whether it is a good fit for your child.

  • Be aware of cultural differences. The interviewer may be from a different culture than you, so it is important to be aware of any potential cultural differences that could affect the interview. For example, in some cultures, it is considered rude to make direct eye contact with an elder, so you may want to avoid doing this during the interview.

  • Be aware of the school"s dress code. Some schools in India have a strict dress code, so it is important to make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the interview.

  • Be prepared to answer questions about your child"s extracurricular activities. Some schools in India place a great deal of importance on extracurricular activities, so it is important to be prepared to answer questions about your child"s involvement in these activities.

By following these guidelines, you can approach your school admission interview with confidence and increase your chances of success. These tips can help your child make a good impression and increase their chances of getting into their dream school.