Wordle – The Fun Online Game Which That Become Increasingly Popular

When we talk about online games, you will come across many of them that have become popular. Some of them are Sudoku, Braingle, Crossword, Mindsweeper, and others. Just recently, there was a new online game that has caught the eye of many people who play games online. It is Wordle, the game of words.

The Wordle online game has gone viral, with millions of people across the globe playing it every day. The basic idea of playing Wordle is on the similar lines as the game ‘Mastermind’. However, in Wordle, the colors are replaced with letters (words).

Who created Wordle – the super fun game?

  • Wordle is an online, web-based game created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn.

  • Wordle began as a super fun game for Josh, his wife and family, after which he decided to take it online.

  • The Wordle online game at present has 3 million+ players globally.

  • Just recently, the Wordle game has been moved to The New York Times since it was purchased from Josh Wardle by them for an undisclosed seven figure price.

Wordle – How does it work?

  • Wordle is an online game where participants have six chances (attempts) to guess the correct five-letter word.

  • For each guess in Wordle online, the participant is required to enter a five-letter world.

  • After each guess, the color of the individual blocks in which a letter is placed will change according to how close the word is to the actual Wordle.

  • Here is what the color codes represent.

Green color means that the particular letter in the word and its position is correct.

Yellow color means that the letter is a part of the word, but its position is incorrect.

A gray color box means that the particular letter is not a part of the word.

  • A new Wordle is available each day on the Wordle site.

  • The players keep getting these color code hints after every guess, and have six guesses.

  • Using the hints and with every guess, the players move much closer to the right answer.

  • But what needs to be kept in mind is that there are only six attempts.

 Sharing your Wordle score without spoiling the fun for anyone online

  • If you have been successful in solving Wordle, you may want others to know what your score is.

  • Sharing the Wordle results on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is as much fun as playing this super fun game of Wordle.

  • Once you have succeeded in beating the day’s Wordle puzzle, a pop-up box will appear showing you the Wordle game results.

  • You can also see the green share button.

  • If you are playing the Wordle online game on the smartphone, tapping the green share button will show you different sharing options – group chat, social media status, and other apps.

  • If the Wordle game is being played on a laptop or tablet, there is an option of copying the results to the clipboard and sharing it from there.

  • If you are sharing the Wordle game scores on Facebook or Twitter, it will have an image of a colored cube with 20 small colored boxes in different colors, yellow, green, and gray.

  • The colored boxes show how close you were to guessing the right word.

  • Along with this, there will be a three-digit number along with a fraction.

  • For example, Wordle 240 3/6.

In this example, the number 240 indicates the Wordle puzzle number. The fraction is the number of guesses that were required for you to win. 3/6 indicates that the Wordle puzzle was solved in 3 attempts out of 6.

  • The most ideal way to share Wordle answers is directly from the Wordle site, which ensures that you are only sharing the scores without being a Wordle spoiler for any other person who wants to attempt the game on the same day.

Algorithms for creating a Wordle solver

  • There have been several attempts by many programmers and coders to create algorithms for solving Wordle.

  • The purpose behind developing algorithms is not to hack the Wordle game or eliminate the fun of solving.

  • The algorithms need to be quick and not take more than a couple of seconds for solving Wordle

  • The algorithms must be able to solve the Wordle with 100 percent accuracy.

  • If you are a developer and want to create a Wordle solver, just like others have done, you need to create an algorithm for finding the best starter letters (words).

  • Also, the algorithms need to keep on narrowing down the answers.


Creating a Wordle puzzle and a Wordle solver algorithm for solving it requires great programming and math skills.