Let’s have a look at some emerging career options for science students










The world is transforming at a faster pace and with it, many new career opportunities are furnishing. The field of science and technology is continuously evolving. This opens up better chances and career options for science students who are to take the most crucial decision of their professional and personal journey.

In common parlance, we hear about only a few popular professions for science students such as engineering, medical, or architecture. To break this conventional way of thinking, we have listed some of the new career options for the students who are planning to enter the field of science:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: 


When the world is reliant on computers, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning prove to be promising career fields. As most of our gadgets are armed with AI today, more developments and possibilities are considered. If you are passionate about AI and how it is incorporated into our daily lives, then this is the field for you.


2. Aerospace:


If you have a passion for aircraft and its dynamics then this is for you! Aerospace is not limited to aircraft but it is a broader field that deals with other aspects such as operations and manufacturing of aerospace vehicles, satellites, and missiles. The Indian Aerospace industry is the fastest growing industry in today is world. Organizations like Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) are some of the organizations that are promising a fulfilling career. 

3. Data Science: 


Data exists in every form and it is constantly growing. The basis of any study is the presence of data. To make it simpler, online google searches, the accounts you follow on social media, etc are data. This data can be utilized to understand patterns and trends to help a business make an appropriate decision. Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Big Data Engineers are some of the emerging tops as per the survey conducted by LinkedIn. 

4. Ethical hacking and cybersecurity:


All sectors rely on digital platforms for operations and that makes the businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks. That makes Ethical Hacking one of the most sought-after professions in present times. This helps in strengthening the company"s internet security. 

5. Robotics:


Many fictions have depicted the future where robots are a part of our daily lives. Many years ago this may have been a mere concept but this is fast becoming a reality. Various operations which are dangerous for humans such as construction, mining, bomb detonations, and similar now use automated machines that will get the job done. Various sectors are relying on robotics for efficiency. This field is emerging as a popular career field in today"s time. 

6. Food and Agriculture science:


Food is an undying industry and agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy as it adds to 18% of the national GDP and plays a crucial role in trade. So this explains that there are plenty of opportunities available in this field. Food and Agriculture are not just limited to farming aspects, it is broader than what it appears to be. Agronomy, Dairy Technology, Agriculture Biotechnology are some of the fastest-growing domains where the goal is to improve the quality of food, studying and researching agricultural methods, studying techniques to improve the quality of soil, etc. Several avenues can prove this field to be fulfilling. 

7. Environmental Science:


Environmental sustainability has been in talks for several decades and there is a need to tackle environmental issues. Several types of research have been conducted to reverse the damage of pollution and climate change. Several companies are coming up with alternatives to replace the daily products that are harmful to the environment. Professions like these can chart out strategies to protect the environment which is crucial at this point.

8. Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering:


Live-saving career fields are always high in demand. Heart transplants, prosthetics, computer simulation surgery, scanners, artificial organs are some of the key points in this field which is sought after judging by the global health index. This makes a lucrative career option for those passionate about technology and medicine. 

9. Sports Medicine:


Sports offer a viable career option and the best part you do not have to be good at any sport for this! Sportsmen are vulnerable to various forms of injuries no matter how hard they practice and also look for guidance to improve their performance. Nutrition, Psychology, Counseling, Trainers are some of the professions that the field looks for. 


The above options are some of the interesting career options which have a lot to offer in the coming years.