Creative Kids: Top Parenting Strategies to Raise a Smart Kid

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With the advancement of technology and a change in thought processes, kids have evolved too. We see so many creative kids today who are able to think out-of-the-box, do things that we could have only imagined when we were young. 


Just like many parents around the world who want their kids to be creative kids, you would want a smart child who is creative, talented, and artistic. Creativity is not something that is innate in every child. Even if parents themselves are not creative, they can still use some effective parenting strategies to foster creativity in their children and help them grow into smart children.


Do you want to know how to raise a smart child?


Are you looking forward to raising an emotionally intelligent child?


Here are some useful parenting strategies that will help parents to nurture their smart kids to become creative kids and of course successful kids in the future.

Encourage inquisitiveness and curiosity


  • Creative kids are quite curious and inquisitive.

  • Being a parent, it can be irritating sometimes when your child asks Why? Why? Why? 1000 times.

  • However, being a parent, it is vital to let your child be free and question everything.

  • Understanding how things function and how each piece of the puzzle fits perfectly will help to build a strong foundation, foster creativity, and help him/her transform into a creative child.


Allow your smart kid to spend time in nature


  • There are so many things that your smart child can explore in nature.

  • Encourage your child to see different shapes, colors, and textures in the surroundings.

  • Playing with sand to find different types of rocks and pebbles is a great exercise that creative kids perform.

  • Observing the surroundings will give your child a lot of information.


Reduce the screen time


  • The number of hours that kids spend these days in front of the television, smartphone, and laptops has increased drastically.

  • Minimizing screen time for their kids has become a challenging task for parents.

  • Parents can make efforts to spend less time in front of the screen which in turn will reduce the screen time of their kids as well.

  • The time spent watching movies or cartoons on television can be effectively utilized by you to play with your smart child using clay dough, games of blocks and shapes, completing puzzles, etc.


Allow your smart kid to make mistakes


  • Creative kids do a lot of mistakes and finally come up with something unique.

  • To transform your smart kid into a creative kid, you need to allow him/her to make mistakes and not be afraid of them.

  • If your child is afraid of failure or gets disappointed when making a mistake, encourage him/her to keep trying. 

  • You can also ask questions such as ‘How can you do this differently?’ or ‘What changes can you make to get the right result?


Give your smart child some creativity time


  • Creative kids come up with unique ideas when they are given free time and their own space.

  • Remember, as a parent, it is crucial to leave some gaps in your child’s daily schedule to perform some unstructured activities which he/she likes.

  • Children require unstructured time so that they can experiment with stuff, explore things, use their imagination to come up with something different, and of course have a lot of fun.

  • Being a parent, you need to take care that things can get quite messy during creativity time. 

  • It is the creativity time in which your smart child will make some offbeat and unique choices.

  • As a parent, it is important for you to fix a particular time for the unstructured activities. It may be sometime after dinner or during the weekend when everyone is at home.


Even if your child is naturally not creative, there is nothing to worry about as a parent. If you follow the right parenting strategies, your smart kid can be one of those successful kids who can do things differently.