Tech Tips for Online Learning

Ever since the Covid19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented change in our lifestyle. Be it work or study, everything was moved to the online world. This has worked well in many places and has opened a new realm of possibilities such as online courses, online learning, etc. 

However, there are cases where many people are still not accustomed to the technology for online learning. So, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you with online education. 

Know your device:

Get the basics of the technology right before you explore the virtual classroom setup. Although the online education mode may be impermanent but given the present scenario and possible uncertainty in the coming future, we may have to continue with the online classroom module and most of our daily activities will be heavily dependent on the technology. 

Understand the system"s basics:

Online learning requires good tech to carry out with ease. Be it laptops or MacBooks, ensure your system is installed with antivirus and new software is updated. Keep the disk space free by removing programs you don"t use. 

Internet Connectivity:

Internet connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Almost all of our work depends on internet connectivity. Therefore, ensure there"s a proper internet connection to your system. Ensure there is an adequate speed of your connectivity. You can check your internet speed on various platforms such as In case of an issue, get it fixed by your internet provider. 

Online Etiquettes:

There are certain challenges with remote learning which can be overcome by understanding and implementing basic online etiquette. Be mindful of muting and unmuting yourself. Based on the noise levels in your surrounding (sound of traffic, children playing, dogs barking, etc.) ensure your mic is muted, and unmute only when you have to say something or contribute to the session. 

Mobile as a learning tool:

The use of technology has become pretty flexible in recent times. Many online lectures and classes can be viewed on laptops. You can still attend the zoom lectures by using the zoom mobile app. And there are also other apps in the google play store which can help you as a learning tool for online lectures. 

The above mentioned steps and guides may seem a little difficult at first but in time, you will learn and be able to function with the systems easily. When the pandemic began nobody was sure about how to conduct online meetings, lectures or get the work done in isolation. However, with time work-from-home has become the new normal and many corporates have adopted this even after the pandemic. 

With the rise of online education during the pandemic era, many popular online courses have surged. Several online platforms such as udemy, coursera, etc. are offering affordable courses and can be accessed at your convenience. Following this many universities have also introduced online lectures and courses which you can access and also earn a degree! 

Several things have been simplified with the help of online learning through technology. These applications for new courses and learning new skills are now at the tip of our fingers. With this online learning has clearly become a boon to many.