Digital World

Digital World: Everything You Need To Know

The world has changed a lot in the last 2 decades. The change has been phenomenal and with each passing day many concepts, skills, and knowledge are upgraded daily. To survive in this constantly changing world being adept with certain skills is paramount.

Today, every field has adopted the digital way to carry out their daily operations. We can safely say that having digital literacy is an absolute necessity in the modern world with the constantly evolving technology.

If you are a student and still trying to get by, here are some of the basic know-how in the digital world that will save you a lot of trouble. 

Information Sources:

In the digital world, information is everything. And with the advent of the internet, there is no dearth of information resources. However, you need to ensure that the information you are looking for is authentic and pertinent to the topic. There are several sites and links that you can get on the Google search engine but you must ensure that the source is authentic and reliable. 

Learning Pathways:

There are several online courses available. However, it boils down to the user on how to use the skill and knowledge that has been learned. As there are plenty of courses available on various websites you can identify the ones that are worth it and are beneficial for the long run. 

Human Spaces:

Communication in the physical world and digital world is completely different. Just like how we follow certain etiquettes and body language for communication in the physical world, similarly, there are certain rules and etiquettes that need to be followed across various digital spectrums. 

Digital Participation:

As mentioned previously, certain etiquettes need to be maintained for digital participation. What type of information should go up on digital platforms should be handled carefully. Understanding the difference between social information and private information, data and information, pirated and copyrighted content should be learned. 

Applying Technology:

Various devices can be used to be digitally active. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. are some of the devices used to function online, but you know that already. However, accessing the internet or apps on various devices differs. Therefore, it is essential to understand which device should be used appropriately based on the function. 

Connecting with people:

This pretty much covers the communication aspect. Connecting with people on social media and connecting with people on emails are totally different. Learn the etiquette to communicate formally and ensure a proper tone is maintained when sending a message. 

Connecting with experts:

In the digital world, getting in touch with experts is extremely easy and in most cases, they are pretty approachable online. For eg: there are marketing and finance gurus who write various blogs on various social media platforms. A simple but engaging comment on their blogs will help you set the ball rolling. However, you need to remember you may not always get their reply on time, hence patience is necessary even in the digital world. 


While the digital world is a blessing, we also need to understand that too much of anything can create havoc in our minds. There needs to be a certain cap on how much time you need to spend with your devices. Find the balance between the time you spend offline and online. 


Avoid jargon when you are sending a message or email. Your tone and nature of message may differ on various platforms. Differentiate and then publish. Use your tone and words wisely, it will save a lot of misunderstanding and can evade miscommunication. 

Just like our real world, the digital world too goes through a lot of change from time to time. We need to be updated with the changing trends and evolving technology to adapt easily to the ever-changing environment.