Skills That Rule The Digital World

Digital transformation is a continual process. The digital world has gone through a lot of changes and development right since its inception. Several innovations, inventions, and new technologies have taken a significant role in the digital world. However, change in the digital world and emerging technologies give rise to new challenges and workloads. To handle a new set of challenges and the growth of the business steadily it is essential to learn and employ the skills required to ensure that the daily operations and objectives are achieved effectively. 

One of the core elements of IT work is the data center that does much more than just maintaining and supervising data center sites and ensuring their availability. The introduction of cloud services and 5G networks has triggered a wave of digital transformation, inculcating new skills is paramount. 

Emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and data analytics will reframe the way organizations view data centers and their functions. Therefore, the skills of the new IT environment must be inculcated. 

Cloud architect:

This role is the most sought after across various IT firms and data centers. The cloud is constantly transforming and evolving, the professionals who specialize in cloud architecture have the essential skills in planning, developing, and migrating applications in the cloud will be sought after. Cloud architects possess a detailed understanding of architectural principles and also have skills related to software development.  

Cloud Configuration Management:

As organizations embrace multiple clouds to optimize different workloads, Hybrid IT is now being implemented across IT firms and organizations in other sectors as well. In the new hybrid environment, people with the skills to migrate data and applications between the cloud and on-premise platforms are required by the organizations. Cloud configuration involves configuring both hardware and software for the cloud such as SaaS, Iaas, and Paas. Many software tools are available for cloud configuration management and data center managers depend on these professionals who are well-versed with the software tools. 

Edge Computing:

With the rise of the internet, this digital world has become hyper-connected. Thereby, incorporating intelligence to the Edge via Edge computing. This will change the way network architectures and data are handled. With more and more edge computing being implemented, organizations seek more intelligent and cost-efficient ways for data collection, data analysis, and route it to on-premise or a remote data center. System design skill is the most critical requirement in edge computing as the devices have resource constraints, and hence, systems have to be designed to operate without any compromise on the performance degradation and coordinate with other devices. 

Artificial Intelligence:

AI has been implemented in various sectors and without a doubt, has become the most important part of IT. It is no surprise that data center managers are more likely to rely on AI experts to deliver more efficiency. AI has proved to be efficient in conducting routine tasks, trained professionals are tasked to create backups and keep the systems updated. This also includes creating algorithms to ensure optimum load distribution, scaling systems efficiently and automatically.


The most crucial and always in demand. With the amount of data and sensitive information that needs to be processed, it must also be ensured that they are processed safely without any mishap. With technological advancement and digital transformation, although there has been a significant change in the digital world it has also given rise to online threats and attacks. Data center managers will require the help of cyber-security experts and architects who could come up with algorithms to thwart online attacks. New roles such as data privacy officers will also be required, who have in-depth knowledge about legal matters and regulatory requirements. 

As mentioned these are some of the crucial skills that will play a strong role in the digital world for a very long time. However, with the constant change that is taking place, more new roles and skills will also find their place.