Learning and Technology

An Ode to Futuristic Learning 

Technology has undoubtedly become an intrinsic part of our lives. Over the last 2 decades, we witnessed a tremendous rise in gadgets like phones, computers, laptops, pen drives, tablets, etc. and these gadgets have evolved into advanced versions that we see and employ in our daily lives today, and technology has arguably changed our lives for good. 

Everything we need and everything we do is done at a click of a button. Whether it"s doing a bank transaction, placing your takeaway order, booking your flight tickets or even getting a date! Technology has penetrated every sector, making a significant upgrade in the process and ease of work. One of the sectors that technology has been a great boon to is education and here"s how the use of technology has changed the future of learning for the better. 


This might be an intriguing tech to be used in the education sector. Ideally, we are familiar with this type of technology being used in terms of security and identification, however, biometrics are making their way into the education sector as well. Educators can gauge the performance and the ability of the learners to learn a particular subject through various parameters such as heartbeat, sweat, pulse, etc. While this is a peculiar type of technology employed in education, certain countries have already started employing the prototype of this tech and the results have been impressive. Researchers are in the process of implementing this at a larger scale in the near future. 

Cloud-based learning:

A handful of organisations are employing this module which has helped them in lowering installation costs, upgrading data security, quicker deployment, widening the storage and easier maintainability. It is expected that cloud-based learning will aid in improved aggregation of student metrics, fluent data sharing, and visual assessment of results.

AI and Virtual Assistant:

This is one of the popular modes of technology in learning. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised various sectors and has phenomenally changed the way of learning. Learners can grasp concepts and theories with ease. The assessment of their progress has become clear and accurate by many folds. Educators are employing the use of AI to aid in the teaching process, with a little human interaction the learners can grasp, clarify doubts and have a quicker assessment of their performance. The educators are also able to gauge the weakness of their learners and mould the lesson accordingly to aid better learning. This technology has replaced the traditional mode of learning for the better. 

Heads-up Displays 

Immersive simulations and virtual reality have made their way into learning. Heads-up displays are very useful tools that can simulate situations, concepts, and theories into an augmented reality that provides the experience of a subject rather than just mere texts. 

Robots and AI Teachers 

As established earlier, AI is replacing the traditional mode of education and the results have been phenomenal. Robots and AI provide learning aid to learners and help identify their core interests. This helps the learners in strengthening their skills which can prove beneficial in the long run as it will help them decide their future career paths. Learning should be skill-oriented and AI has been instrumental in implementing that by far. As AI created waves of change across various sectors, experts say many advancements are expected in the near future.  

Visual Data: 

Rather than numbers, figures and dry information, data is represented in the form of infographics which is easier to comprehend and interpret. Learners can arrive at an accurate conclusion or a solution at a faster pace than they can do so while comprehending heaps of text-based or numerical data. 

Lifelong learning:

 As the world is gearing up towards a faster and knowledge-driven society in future, lifelong learning will be inevitable. With technological advancement, many programs and workshops have become easily accessible. Individuals can embrace and learn various skill-sets through various platforms such as Udemy, Domestika, Unacademy, etc. The possibilities have become endless and this will also lead to the flexibility of career choices in near future. 

The role of technology is to bring change and over a while, many more advancements will flood the scenario which will shift the whole dynamics of learning. Technology in education has proven to be a boon and the future generation will be able to reap the benefits of the same. As long as we embrace change and understand technology well, it will always prove to be beneficial and give us a competitive edge in the long term.