K 12 Data Science

The Rise of K-12 Mathematics and Data Science 

Data rules the modern world. The accumulation of data has increased by several manifolds with the rise of technology and AI. Everything that functions in the world wide web is based on data and algorithm that is formulated. 

Research says there are 10 times more data than the stars we"ll find in the sky. This data needs a medium and skill that needs to be interpreted so that the functions of the internet are not compromised. With the rise of big data, schools and many educational institutions are upgrading the K-12 mathematics curriculum to help the learners gear up for the future which will help them crunch the numbers with ease. 

Data Science has garnered a lot of traction in the last decade and several courses and masterclasses have sprung up on various platforms and also in the curriculum of various educational institutions as it is on fundamental topics covered in the world of data. 

Based on the present scenario, it is evident that the world of Information Technology and its advancements have been growing at a breakneck speed and will continue to be so. To keep up with this evolution of the industry, education systems have to gear up and upgrade their curriculum to meet the needs and demands of the future. Here is the list of reasons why Data Science should make its way into the K-12 curriculum. 

Creates a new pathway:

Data science is a creating new pathway which is changing the dynamics of technology, software, IoT and algorithms that go with it. Data has become the crucial crux of every sector and the basis of their functions stems from the data they get. Many skills and career opportunities based on data are springing up such as Data Mining, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and many more. 

Growing and changing industry needs: 

Every industry we know has changed the way it functions. With the advent of technology and constant upgrade, various possibilities are being redefined. With the growing importance of data, companies are rethinking their brand positioning and other strategies to upscale their business. Therefore, understanding and developing the skill to interpret data should be introduced in all schools. This will help the learners to hone their data analysing skills and keep them prepared for the future scenario where data is given primordial importance. 

Skill to interpret surplus data:

Every change gives rise to the need for a new set of skills. Two decades ago, there was no concept of social media, hence, there was no demand for various positions such as Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Influencer, etc.

The rising importance of mathematics: 

Many tech-based industries rely on the core of mathematics to run their business. K-12 Mathematics is one of the subjects that need to be constantly updated to keep up with the changing trends of the world. Mathematics, be it basic or complex, is utilised in every field ranging from calculating profit or less to interpreting data. Since data analytics have become crucial for all businesses in recent times, the need for mathematical skills has grown exponentially. 

Analytical prowess of new age learners: 

New-age learners are surrounded by ample resources and materials which will catalyse their analytical prowess to a great degree. The curriculum of the new-age learners greatly revolves around creative thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, innovation, communication skills and much more. An equal emphasis on soft skills and technical skills is being given by the present generation which is marking the emergence of new-age thinkers. Since they are technologically adept, the learners can get their hands on the materials to help them upgrade their skills and have a competitive edge. With the rising demand for data analytical skills, many learners have already signed up for various online courses which will help them in developing the skills revolving around data analytics. 

It has been established on several forums that technology is the future and the data is what will rule the future. With the rise in technology and constant upgrades, the knowledge and skills needed to utilise the tech precede its necessity. Hence, educational institutions, schools, online portals, etc. must update their syllabi and help the future generation be loaded with the necessary skills to steer the future in the correct direction.