Discovering the Joy of Reading

Moving Beyond the Textbooks: 5 Must-Read Books for Students

Books are said to be the best buddies of students. They play an active and crucial role in the lives of students. There are ample benefits of reading quality books. However, in today"s tech-savvy world, the importance of reading books is rapidly fading away.

Can you recall the last time you read a book with the exception of your academic school or college textbook? The vast majority of us are unlikely to recollect. The reason is because the benefits of reading are overlooked and no longer a habit. Books for students have become secondary. The main reason behind this is that they spend most of their time on social media and playing games on their smartphones.

42% of youngsters who claim to have less than 10 books in their households do not enjoy reading, and just 32% are very confident readers. (Source: Reading Agency)

Understanding the benefits of reading for students

Reading books helps to sharpen the memory of students

  • Many students forget what they learned the day before, but the act of reading can help them boost their memory. 

  • When youngsters read books, they form visual representations of the tale and characters discussed in the book, allowing them to recall what they have read. 

  • If students read continually, their visual memory will engage, allowing them to recall things faster.

Reading books for students improves their language and vocabulary

  • One of the most important benefits of reading books for students is that it helps improve their language and vocabulary. 

  • The best books to read for students on various subjects will help them in picking up several new words. 

  • This will not only enable them to broaden their lexicon but also help them develop an understanding on different topics.

Reading books helps students to think analytically

  • Books can help students enhance their ability to think strategically and find solutions to challenges. 

  • Reading books may help children gain awareness and understanding in an array of situations.

  • Books teach kids to be transparent and sympathetic, as well as improve their confidence.

  • Fiction reading may boost students" ability to think outside the box, as well as build a positive attitude.

Books act as a stress-buster

  • Inquire with your doctor about the health benefits of reading

  • The rationale is that it relieves stress. 

  • Reading takes you to a different dimension. 

  • Reading literary works or fiction involves a high level of concentration, allowing students to filter out interruptions from their everyday lives, fostering peace of mind and overall wellness. 

  • A lot of professionals emphasize the importance of reading since it helps to relieve stress for students.

Top 5 books to read for students

Now that you have realized the benefits of reading, it is time to explore the best books to read for students.

Here are the top 5 books for students to read.

  1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

Genre: Fiction

  • This is one of the best books to read for students.

  • The plot revolves around a fictitious, workaholic  lawyer Julian Mantle who decides to sell his Ferrari and become a monk.

  • He abandons his work to embark on an adventure in India. During his time, he learns ancient knowledge from the village of sages.

  • It teaches the young generation about the importance and need of work-life balance.

  • It teaches the readers to live a life of peace, purpose, and passion.

  • The benefits of reading this book is that it helps students understand how to build a quality life by focusing on inner contentment rather than external happiness.

2. Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind

Author:Yuval Noah Harari

Genre: Non-fiction

  • This is one of the best books to read for students who are looking to expand their horizons and get a fresh viewpoint on humankind.

  • The author discusses an intriguing theory that the disparity between our community and the less rapid rate of biological evolution.

  •  This may make it more difficult for humans to evolve along with other species as well as different individuals within our own species, possibly resulting in conflicts.

  • It narrates the tale of how humans have molded themselves across the ages, using data from biological sciences, economics, anthropology, paleontology, and other disciplines.

3. Tuesdays with Morrie

 Author: Mitch Albom

Genre:  Autobiographical fiction

  • This book"s major message to readers is to live every single day with affection, empathy, and a feeling of purpose. 

  • It depicts the viewpoint of a departing old professor and his countless regrets, which make you ponder and contemplate. 

  • The book discusses an essential relationship in Mitch Albom"s life: the one he had with his former college professor, Morrie. 

  • The benefits of reading this book is that it talks about topics from selfishness and repentance to demise and living a meaningful life as they reunite during the professor"s last months of life.

4. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Author: Mark Manson

Genre: Non-fiction (self-help)

  • Author Mark Manson gives intellectual and frank insights on how we might live more fulfilled lives in this fascinating and intellectual book. 

  • The book"s basis is that we should cease attempting to be optimistic in our search for a happy existence. 

  • Rather, we should learn to accept our imperfections and deal with the challenges that life tosses at us.

5. The Psychology Of Money

Author: Morgan Housel

Genre: Non-fiction (study guide)

  • Students will learn how to have a better connection with money and make more informed financial choices after reading this book. 

  • The important idea highlighted here is that humans are complex beings with intricate financial ties. 

  • When we talk about the benefits of reading, this book dives into the reasons why people make poor monetary choices and provides several strategies for change.

Even with the tremendous increase in the usage of smartphones and the advent of novel technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual assistants, the benefits of reading are irreplaceable. Reading books is a priceless journey that broadens students" hearts and minds. Books light up innovation, and promote empathy. As students begin on this literary journey, they will develop a lifetime love for reading, enabling them to overcome scholastic hurdles and appreciate all the possibilities that books provide.