Apps to learn chemistry

Chemistry is one of the interesting subjects in science which is also a personal favourite to many. Everything we do in our daily lives is directly or indirectly connected to chemistry. The activity in our bodies, atmosphere, surrounding, etc. Hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, etc. all involve a series of close-knit chemical reactions that create these sorts of interactions. 

While everything we do in our daily lives involves a significant amount of chemistry, the subject in itself is vast and complex as it seeks to understand the properties of matter, the mass and composition of elements, and how each matter goes through significant changes through various reactions. 

Understanding chemistry may have been challenging at one point in time when the only source of learning materials were your textbooks or the reference books from your local library.  Today, just like chemical reactions, the world has gone through a phenomenal change where learning complex theories and concepts of chemistry have gotten easier and are more accessible than ever. With the increased advancements in technology, many learning applications have sprouted which make the lives of learners a whole lot easier. 

Here are some of the best chemistry learning apps which have proved useful for both teachers and students alike. 

Periodic Table:

Simple, precise and to the point. Periodic Table is one of the best apps that allows you to learn and test your knowledge about the elements on the periodic table. Loaded with explanatory videos, quizzes, audio clips, etc., this is one of the most user-friendly apps out there. 

Equate Formula Solver: 

Chemistry formulas, equations, and many more, this app is a literal library that collates everything in chemistry. This comprehensive app takes you through the concept of chemistry formulas and helps in identifying the formulas by name. 

Unreal Chemist:

Realistic, detailed and educationally sound, this app is loaded with brilliant graphics that mimic science experiments. It is really fun and user-friendly that allows the user to explore and dive deep into the areas of chemical reactions, chemical knowledge, symbol equations and many more that aids the user"s scientific prowess. 

Science Practical Simulator:

An engaging app that incorporates both modelling and completion of tasks that revolve around chemistry safely and innovatively. This app motivates various science experiments such as water purification, making salts, electrolysis, preparing solutions, and many more. This app is developed by teachers for the students which will aid them inside and outside the classroom. 

Khan Academy:

Popular and a favourite among students across various disciplines. Khan Academy provides various interactive lessons and simplifies complex lessons using fun and humorous examples which help the learners in grasping the concepts with ease. The app is free and also offers access to its offline content. 

Starfall catalyst for Students: 

Suitable for young learners this app teaches the broader aspects of chemistry such as the periodic table, atomic structure, chemical symbols and many more as a third-person shooter game. The learner dawns the avatar of a player where he scales through various tasks that reveal chemistry concepts across 20 challenging levels which contain over 50 topics embedded with mini-games and quizzes.

High School: Inorganic Chemistry: 

Loaded with vast content on organic chemistry, this app focuses on a vast amount of content ranging from Elements, Halogens, Compounds and a lot more. The app comes with interesting tests, analyses, hints and progress graphs aiding the students in enhancing their knowledge of chemistry. 

Periodic Droid: 

The periodic table is the essence of chemistry and usually, everyone memorises it. It"s not an easy task and this is where Periodic Droid comes into the picture. The app provides apt information about each element and the user-friendly interface allows the user to navigate to varied pages with ease. 

Learn Chemistry via Videos: 

Many learners tend to lose interest in long-form content and with a complex subject like chemistry, it is far more prevalent. This app provides a summary of essential concepts providing a simpler explanation in brief.

There are many chemistry apps such as Chemistry & Periodic Table, Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor, General Chemistry Course App, iChemistry Pro, Test & Learn GCSE Chemistry and many more which provide a comprehensive and fun approach towards the subject. When the learning becomes fun, understanding even the most complex theories and concepts will turn into child"s play helping the learners understand them with ease.