Edtech Trends Dominating Online Education


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If there is one thing that has taught us during the pandemic is that education could be accessible by anyone and from anywhere. We are now drifting away from the conventional educational system to online education gradually. This has been feasible due to technological innovations such as learning management systems and online classes. The impact of technology on the education system has been very encouraging. Now everybody looks for smart education, hence it has become essential to keep a track of the following edtech trends which are driving the current education system:

  • Virtual and augmented reality

  • Virtual classrooms

  • Personalized and adaptive learning

  • Robotics

  • Cloud-based edtech platforms

  • Digital masterclasses

  • Blended learning

  • Block-based coding systems

Virtual and Augmented Reality


A significant role is played by edtech tools like virtual and augmented reality in our present education system. It results in attaining significant development in the teaching process as well as learning on the part of the learners. Here AI has enabled the learning potential in terms of:

  • Digital classrooms

  • Virtual facilitator

  • Online assessment

  • Interactive learning platform

Moreover, the learning solutions are very dynamic because of the increased engagement attribute being facilitated through online learning platform. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/aVBtA5Q0a25t-7t11PcJnsvc8ogtxxD4vtxfmx5UkDm4fib3S-yEs4yYqOjL0uWZnLIfsXDz6MfK9CdHEr7Blmv6pMIeo1YnTRP62YcVkii-cIBS0AwlxGdXwrh9jZx4UJ2brrwV

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Virtual Classrooms  


Artificial intelligence-powered virtual classrooms ensure that the learners get the learning environment like a brick and mortar classroom. This mode of classroom has gained momentum in recent times due to the accessibility from any part of the world. For the teachers, they can accomplish a lot of things such as:

  • Managing the students from a distance

  • Tracking attendance

  • Assigning homework

  • Conducting online examinations 

The benefit of this edtech trend is that the learners can go through the recorded classes at their convenience.  

Personalized and Adaptive Learning 


Learners are now acknowledging the role of edtech tools for their personalized learning. The benefit is that learners can access the online learning materials as and when time permits. It is a kind of collaborative learning between educators and learners. Adaptive learning is based on individual proficiency or skill level. Thus, an online learning platform gives an opportunity to teachers to provide teaching on the basis of competency of the learner, i.e. customized learning, and will favor the learners for sure.



Robotics has gained the attention of learners in k-12 education. Additionally, the STEM discipline and coding robots have gained the interest of many as they are capable of infusing the right skills as required in the 21st century. Therefore, it is evident that technological innovations bring in the right edtech solutions thereby becoming the engaging motivator for adult learners. 

Cloud-based Edtech Platforms 


Cloud-based education platforms have created a revolution in the education system. There are so many things that can be managed easily through online learning platform such as:

  • Academic content

  • School management

  • Homework solutions

  • Online fees management

  • Parent-teacher interaction

  • Online admission

  • Generation of report card

  • Staff management 

Digital Masterclasses


With technology advancing on a daily basis, learners are getting great exposure to internet connections. This is the reason, digital masterclasses are highly sought after from the perspective of academic learning. The key benefit of the online learning platform is that learners can reach out to the best online experts as per their chosen field or area.

Blended Learning 


One of the major edtech trends is to opt for blended learning. It combines both offline and online edtech tools that give the vibe of a lively classroom. Therefore, educational institutions must come forward and implement blended learning in their modules of the education system. By using an online education platform, educators can deliver teaching without any hassle.   

Block-based Coding System


Coding is a way for making software and hardware as per the requirement. Therefore learning code enables logical thinking as well as problem-solving ability. Here the emphasis is given on block-based programming language (coding) that ensures to learn subjects like science because the instruction material is presented in blocks. This coding system eases the task of students regarding:

  • Developing multimedia projects

  • Creating animated stories

  • Handling science projects

So, if online learning platforms are taken as a package, the impact of technological innovations with respect to learning outcomes is really constructive.