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  • Sep'24
<p style="text-align: justify;"><span class="ui-provider ed bbb bbc bbd bbe bbf bbg bbh bbi bbj bbk bbl bbm bbn bbo bbp bbq bbr bbs bbt bbu bbv bbw bbx bby bbz bca bcb bcc bcd bce bcf bcg bch bci" dir="ltr">September 16 th was the dawn of yet another Annual day with the enchanting theme of &lsquo;Seasons&rsquo;. The Annual Day not only celebrated the seasons but also the rich cultural heritage of the world. The programme was a walkthrough for the audience through a series of delightful &nbsp;performances by students of classes 6 to 12. A wide variety of plays, dances, drama and musical extravaganza ranging from the abduction of Sita, to the episode of Shakuntalam, followed by Grand finale with a thought provoking message to look out for our resources and not lose them to depletion. Our school has a low attrition rate with respect to teaching and non-teaching staff - many of them have been with us since inception. Teachers who have been the pillars of our school for five years and above were honoured with Service Awards by our Director of Education, Mr. R. Rajendran. Non teaching staff also were honoured with service awards for their dedicated years of service.&nbsp; Mr. Sriram Parasuraman, one of India&rsquo;s leading musicians and violin accompanists, was the Chief Guest for the session. He shared his invaluable words on how important participation is and how it could mould young minds. It was a harmonious blend of education and entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees, showcasing the school&rsquo;s commitment to holistic development.</span></p>
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