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  • Sep'24
<p style="text-align: justify;"><span class="ui-provider ed bbb bbc bbd bbe bbf bbg bbh bbi bbj bbk bbl bbm bbn bbo bbp bbq bbr bbs bbt bbu bbv bbw bbx bby bbz bca bcb bcc bcd bce bcf bcg bch bci" dir="ltr">On September 16th , our school hosted its Junior Annual Day, enveloping the audience in the enchanting theme, &ldquo;Seasons.&rdquo; The students&rsquo; talents shone brightly in mesmerizing dances, melodious music, and engaging dramas. The Annual Day not only celebrated the seasons but also the rich cultural heritage of the world. Ms. Manasvini Korukkai Ramachandran graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. She is the Principal and Director of &lsquo;Kala Sadhanalaya&rsquo; since 2018. The Junior Annual Day began with an adorable dance performance by kindergarten students followed by classes 1 and 2. Children of class 4 enacted a heart-warming play &lsquo;The Selfish Giant&rsquo;. The last of the events was the colourful &lsquo;Culmination Dance&rsquo; by class 5 students. The Junior Annual Day had not come to an end until our dynamic Chief Guest volunteered to render a graceful dance performance which evoked a lasting smile on the dignitaries and the audience.</span></p>
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