How combination of Math, data and AI will help upskill students

Maths, Data and Artificial Intelligence. A Skillful Combination

Shakuntala Devi was known as the human-computer because of her prowess in mathematics and the ability to calculate in the blink of an eye. Many great mathematicians are remembered even to this day where their theorems and concepts are applied across various sectors and research.  

Maths is widely used in many sectors such as astronomy, banking, architecture, insurance, computer science, physics, engineering, research and many more. In the present times with the onslaught of data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, maths has been labelled as one of the most crucial skills that are heavily in demand. 

Data, Maths and AI are some of the growing and most crucial skills essential in today"s world and will not lose their relevance any time in the future. They are also interdependent. Here are some of the reasons why maths will help you upskill in the field of data science, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The base of all complex subjects:

Maths sets the base for all computing. Be it any subject related to the field of computing sciences, maths has always been the core subject. Maths is involved in various branches such as economics, science, insurance, security, aviation, education, and many more. With technological advancements, the demand for maths skills is only going to get higher. 

Aids better decision making:

With the help of AI and mathematics, the probability of coming up with a better decision is higher. With the help of theorems from concepts like probability, statistics, permutation & combination, arriving at accurate outcomes will be higher, therefore leading to better decision making and execution. 

Versatile across various fields:

Many fields like astronomy, economics, law, artificial intelligence, education, etc. require maths skills for daily functioning. To arrive at a better decision and also formulate policies the need for maths and AI is crucial. Be it a simple calculation or a complex algorithm, maths skills are heavily demanded across various fields for the smoother function of daily tasks. 

Connects Data and AI:

There is a huge surplus of data which needs to be stored and processed. Only the use of maths skills and AI can help in processing the data and creating an algorithm. If a certain decision, algorithm, or statistics has to be determined, the use of maths skills and AI is imminent. 

Formulation of policies:

Maths is heavily used by economists, bankers and actuaries. A certain conclusion can be arrived at with the help of maths and AI which will help in formulating policies and strategies that will aid in the economic growth of the country. Thus, bring data, maths and AI together. 

Over the years, AI and Data have become a crucial part of every sector and with the collection of such a large amount of data, maths has become a highly sought-after skill which will help in processing the data and help in arriving at a legible conclusion. 

Data collection is constant and needs to be continually processed. This is not a skill that will become obsolete in years as more and more emerging technologies are coming up, the need for maths skills will only increase. 

Fortunately, in recent years, several institutions and online portals are providing courses that will help the students upskill themselves in the field of AI, Data Analytics and Math. The scope of this domain is humongous and many forums such as Udemy, Coursera, Unacademy, etc are providing the students with an option to learn or pursue this course at their own pace and get certified. Thus, having technical skills coupled with artificial intelligence, maths and data analytics can help avail lucrative career opportunities.