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The 19th of September 2015 was a very special day for the students of BVM Global BHS as well as for their parents. It was on this day that the Robotics Family Day was held. Students and their parents both took part in games quite unlike the ones we are usually accustomed to. On this day both child and parent worked together to solve puzzles; win races, and display their skills in bouts of strength and ingenuity, all with the help of robots.

Students of Class 4 participated in a Maze solving competition using the T3-Bot, a user-friendly, attractive robot that can be programmed to traverse across the correct path along a maze. The wrong step could spell a loss for the participants. The parents also took their turns in solving the maze.

The objective of this competition was to build robots that would battle it out in a ring. The victor is the one who could push its opponent out of the ring. Guided and cheered on by their parents as they built their robots, the students came up with their own innovative and imaginative touches to their battle robot.

Students of Class 6 had to make their own stories come to life through the medium of Animation with the help of the popular Stykz platform. A plethora of stories and amazing tales emerged from each participant, allowing one to see the richness and variety of the imagination that each child possesses.

Using the knowledge of gearing mechanisms that they had acquired from their Robotics classes, students of class 7 were tasked to build their own racing cars. Cars of different designs, builds and mechanisms all stood ready at the racing line, knowing that only one of them would be the winner.

A different kind of maze solving challenge was in store for the students of Class 8. They had to navigate across an intricate and more advanced labyrinth and the ones who could make it in the shortest amount of time were declared the winner.

And finally for the students of Class 9, their task was to complete an all terrain challenge using their own models made from the Lego Mind storms NXT kit. Here again we could see the creativity and problem solving skills of the children as they brought out robots of their own designed and abilities to finish the challenge placed before them.

To describe the Robotics Family Day as only a fun day might not be enough. It was heartening to see child and parent competing hand in hand to overcome each and every one of the challenges that was in front of them. With the wisdom, experience and support from the parents acting as a guide, as their children used their knowledge and skills in the competitions, this day turned out to be an amazing event for each and every one of those involved.